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Here we collect all the stories about Portovenere and the Capitolare Tower. We will try to publish fairly consistently but we can't promise. We are very busy to make sure you have a perfect stay. The topics we cover are many. We will try to focus on history. We are repositories of thousands of years of history and we want to pass it on to you. We also like to tell you stories about things to do in this wonderful area. Portovenere was born in the late Romanesque period and developed strongly around the year 1113. Imagine how many lives, passions, joys, sunsets, life has passed through these streets. Just imagine how many boats have passed through these harbors. Just try to quantify how old this village is. Born long before Dante, before concrete, before printing. A village wedged between rock and sea. Which has been struggling against adversity for thousands of years and remains proudly standing. Hanging on the cliff. Here we will tell you stories about Portovenere. We have the heart here, and soon, you will too.