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Sailing in Portovenere is Perfect for Slow Tourism

A blog post discussing why sailing in Portovenere is the perfect way to experience slow tourism, connect with nature, and find peace.

The Modern Dilemma: Fast Lives, Slow Souls

More and more often, we feel like we are constantly moving, traveling from one place to another without noticing what surrounds us. Having a thousand goals and desperately trying to reach them, no matter how. A feeling of bewilderment, helplessness, and a lack of empathy with the world and things. It's normal.

The Essence of Slow Tourism

What is needed is to slow down the pace of our lives, at least during vacations. This is the concept behind slow tourism, a philosophy that rediscovers the pleasure of traveling, which deserves the same attention as the destination.

The Intensity of the Sea

A group of people sailing on a sailing boat

On board, everything is experienced intensely and consciously. Sailing relies on the wind, goes at the pace of nature, and invites us by definition to slow down to rediscover the value of important moments and live them in a more conscious and intense way. These are the emotions that pervade all those travelers who choose to approach the sea of Portovenere.

Breaking Free from Daily Chaos

At sea, we move away from daily frenzy. A sailing cruise in Portovenere allows you to break the hellish routine of sleep-work and take the necessary time for yourself and to relax.

The Return: Refreshed and Renewed

The goal is not to return from a vacation with the feeling of being even more tired than when you left. When you go back to work after a slow trip, you don't complain to friends and colleagues that the holidays have "passed too quickly." On the contrary, you feel full, you have clear ideas and positive vibrations for your projects.

Immersed in Nature

While sailing, you immerse yourself completely in nature. During a stay on a sailing boat in Portovenere, the goal is to become aware of the importance of respecting our planet and the natural environment that surrounds us.

Strengthening Relationships Onboard

On board, personal relationships are strengthened. When you travel by sea on a sailboat in Portovenere, you learn to be content with little, with the essentials, which is the core value of slow tourism.

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