External view of Capitolare Tower

The Capitolare Tower is the oldest tower in the world where you can sleep.

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A 110 square meter suite, in a tower facing the sea. A once in a lifetime experience


Four floors, all for you, the whole tower is yours

Capitolare Tower bed

The King Bedroom

Bed on the highest floor of the tower with a spectacular view to cheer you awake. Artisanal mattress for maximum comfort


The Capitolare Tower terrace

The Sea-View ROOFTOP

Located at the highest point in the village, it offers protection and privacy and unparalleled views


Capitolare tower Dining Room

Kitchen, Dining & Living Room

Created with the finest marble, the living area offers a perfect corner for romantic dinners


A marble bathroom

The Marble Bathroom

A designer bathroom equipped with a spacious shower and a magnificent view of the gulf


Why Choose Capitolare Tower?

1. You are the only one for us (for real😘)

Unlike any other hotel you'll visit in your lifetime, we have just one Suite. Only two guests at a time. From the moment we welcome you to the moment we bid you farewell, you are our sole focus. You will have a dedicated concierge available 24/7, always ready for you. A boat always prepared to take you around, and a chef always ready to cook for you.

2. You will sleep in the oldest tower in the world

Yes, you heard right. The Capitolare Tower is the oldest tower in the world that you can sleep in. Its walls are nine centuries old. It has witnessed wars, battles, medieval splendor, naval sieges. It has seen the sun rise almost 400 thousand times. And today, it welcomes you. You will sleep in the oldest tower in the world.

In 2023, 92% of our guests gifted their stay at Capitolare to their loved one💝

The Capitolare Tower is the perfect gift. It costs much less than a diamond ring but has the exact same WOW effect. Every single time it has been given, it has created a lasting memory. It's the perfect gift if you want to amaze your loved one. PS: we also offer open-date gift options. Contact us to learn more.

Adjacent to the Cinque Terre without being amidst the chaos of the Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre are our neighbors. A stunning place. We adore it. But they have one huge flaw: they are packed with people. Overflowing with tourists. The chaos is total. We are just 10 minutes away, with connections by land and sea from the Cinque Terre, yet we enjoy a peace and exclusivity that's unmatched.

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