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Top 10 in the world by Man's Healt & Eviivo

Discover why Capitolare Tower has made it into the top 10 best boutique hotels in the world. A unique experience in a historic tower from 1161.

Capitolare Tower: Named Among the Top 10 Luxury Vacation Homes in the World by Men’s Health

We are thrilled to announce that Capitolare Tower has been included in the prestigious list of the top 10 luxury vacation homes in the world, as reported by Men’s Health. This recognition, achieved through the evaluation of an independent jury composed of experts from Eviivo, Tripadvisor, and other industry specialists, fills us with pride and gratitude.

Unparalleled Excellence

Capitolare Tower, located in a breathtaking position overlooking the sea, is the oldest tower in the world where one can stay. Our unwavering commitment to providing the highest level of service sets us apart, even from the world’s finest five-star hotels. The combination of history, modern luxury, and personalized service creates a unique experience for our guests.

Testimonials That Speak Volumes

One of our guests recently shared a review on Google that perfectly captures the experience we offer:

“Spending a couple of nights in a medieval tower (yet with gorgeous modern interiors and AC) in such a unique location is absolutely amazing per se, however, the real differentiator versus any other facilities nearby is the customized service provided by Sergio and Andrea. They booked a restaurant on the first day and made sure there was an available table, on the second day they picked us up from train station in La Spezia (instead of catching a cab) and arranged for a dinner under the stars with surprise menu. They were really great.”

An Award for Guests and Team

This recognition is a reward for all our guests who have believed in us during our three years of operation and a great honor for the entire team who has worked with dedication and passion. The success of Capitolare Tower is the result of teamwork and the trust our guests place in us.

Continuous Innovation and Improvement

Recently, we have significantly increased our services by hiring two chefs dedicated exclusively to our guests. This is just one example of our commitment to constantly improving the stay experience, always offering more and exceeding expectations.

Looking to the Future

We will not stop here. Our goal is to maintain an unsurpassed level of excellence, continuing to pamper our guests and obsessively attending to every detail. Our philosophy is simple: to make every stay an unforgettable experience.

We sincerely thank everyone who has supported us and promise to continue offering the best to anyone who chooses to experience a stay at Capitolare Tower.

I hope this translation reflects the importance and joy of this recognition. If you have any additional details or changes to add, I would be happy to help you perfect it.

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