Danny Dyer Holiday in Portovenere

Danny Dyer Holiday at Capitolare Tower in Portovenere

Danny Dyer Holiday at Capitolare Tower in Portovenere
Last year, the renowned British actor and television presenter, Danny Dyer, graced the historical Capitolare Tower with his effervescent presence. This gem in Italy, the Capitolare Tower, is not just another lodging option; it's a journey through time as it holds the distinction of being the oldest tower in the world where one can spend the night.
Danny Dyer, a household name in the UK, is best known for his roles in EastEnders and his inimitable East London style. He’s a delightful blend of cheeky banter and heart, often sprinkling his conversations with colloquial expressions that some might find a tad coarse, yet his romantic side never fails to charm. Dyer’s fame has transcended borders and his following is ever-growing.
He chose Capitolare Tower as his abode while filming an enchanting travelogue for Channel 4. Titled "An Italian Odyssey", the show chronicles the adventures of Dyer and his daughter as they traverse the picturesque landscapes of Italy.
Capitolare Tower, with its centuries-old architecture and rich history, was the perfect backdrop for Dyer’s exploration. His animated persona resonated beautifully with the ambiance of this ancient structure, as he appeared to have been invigorated by the spirit of bygone eras.
Danny Dyer’s choice to stay at Capitolare Tower not only underlines the charm and allure of this historical monument but also brings it to the attention of a broader audience. For fans of Dyer, the Tower becomes not just a destination but an experience, where one can relish in the aura of history and possibly channel a bit of Dyer’s East London charisma.
For those eager to catch a glimpse of Danny Dyer's captivating journey and his stay at the illustrious Capitolare Tower, you won’t want to miss Episode 2 of Season 1 of "Danny Dyer Does Italy".

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