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Embracing the Rich Tapestry of History: Visit Capitolare Tower

Discover Capitolare Tower's medieval history and sea views. Exclusive weekend tours for an unforgettable experience.

Perched upon the rugged cliffs of Portovenere, the Capitolare Tower stands as a sentinel over the picturesque Gulf of Poets. For the first time in decades, this emblematic fortress opens its gates to the public during weekends, offering a rare glimpse into the luxuriant tapestry of Italian history. The decision to invite visitors to "visit Capitolare Tower" stems from a desire to unveil the hidden narratives of a location teeming with historical intrigue and cultural significance.

Upon arrival, guests are escorted by an expert guide who brings the past to life, narrating tales of the Genoese Empire and the opulence that once thrived within Portovenere's walls. Each story leads up to the panoramic terrace atop the tower, a vantage point offering breathtaking views of the Gulf of Poets, the Palmaria Island, and the terracotta-roofed town sprawling below.

Visit Capitolare Tower and stand where, for four centuries, it served as the stalwart defensive bastion of the borough. Legends whisper of Bacicio Do Tin, the pirate who is said to have made the tower his abode after its military purpose waned. This historical gem, an impeccably preserved military structure from the 13th century, is a rarity; many of its contemporaries were dismantled to reuse materials for newer edifices, but Capitolare Tower endured, its grandeur intact.

The 2022 restoration of the tower is a testament to sustainable preservation. Using local materials and recycled sea plastic, transformed into stylish furnishings, this initiative underscores a commitment to conservation. The enhancement of the tower’s fortifications ensures its stories will enchant for centuries to come.

Inside the tower, visitors can admire the artworks of local artists like Hilde Genoese and a rotating display of sculptures. The Capitolare Tower not only shares history; it fosters a creative dialogue with the present.

To visit Capitolare Tower is also to engage with its ongoing narrative. Before departing, guests are invited to spin the Wheel of Fortune, a charming ritual promising a potential future visit to Portovenere.

With rave reviews on Google Maps and a feature in Italy Magazine, Capitolare Tower is not just a destination but a journey through time. This beacon of heritage is not just to be seen—it’s to be experienced. As the Capitolare Tower reclaims its place as a prestigious tourist attraction, its doors are open, inviting you to step in and be part of its unfolding story. Visit Capitolare Tower, where every guest is not just a visitor, but a witness to the grandeur of history.

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