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Italy Magazine review of Capitolare Tower

Capitolare Tower: Stepping Into A Retrofuturistic Dream as Celebrated by Italy Magazine

In the heart of the picturesque locale of Portovenere, Italy, stands the majestic Capitolare Tower, a luxury abode that has recently been lavishly praised by Italy Magazine in an article that transports readers into a narrative as whimsical and elegant as the establishment itself.

The coveted magazine, known for its discerning taste, chose to feature our esteemed establishment, diving into the myriad of experiences that make a stay at Capitolare Tower nothing short of a fantastical journey. The article, penned by the brilliant cinema aficionado, Eric Millman, intricately narrates the essence of our unique abode, defining it as "not your usual five-star experience; it’s more like staying in an Airbnb plucked from an alternate universe."

We are over the moon with the fortune of being hand-picked by Italy Magazine for a feature, a testament to the distinctive allure of Capitolare Tower. The gifted journalist, with a knack for drawing parallels between Italian cinema and our historical edifice, enriched our narrative with fascinating tidbits about films shot in Portovenere. His visit turned into a riveting exchange of stories, intertwining the realm of film with the living relic that is Capitolare Tower.

Eric Millman
Eric Millaman

Post-publication, the article has cast a spell far beyond the Italian shores. We've been approached by several American travel agencies, a ripple effect that underscores the global appeal of our luxury haven. The picturesque portrayal by Italy Magazine has not only honored our ethos but has ushered in a wave of international recognition.

Our heart beats with an invitation to the world to step into a slice of history married to modern artistry, just as eloquently illustrated by Italy Magazine. To celebrate a special day in 2024, booking a stay at Capitolare Tower is akin to scripting your own beautiful narrative amidst a blend of history and surreal modernity.

As we bask in the glow of this esteemed feature, we extend an invitation for you to read the full article and delve deeper into the profile of Eric Millman who has brought our story to life with such eloquence. Engage with the narrative, envision the magic, and perhaps, pen down your own Capitolare chronicle on your next visit.

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