Guided trekking

Guided trekking

Portovenere and its surroundings are undoubtedly a quintessentially maritime tourist destination: boat excursions, swimming in the clear waters, and dinners based on fish...However, one should not underestimate the more “exploratory” aspect of these places, with their trails, vistas, and hidden gems unknown to many…The most beautiful Guided trekking starting from Portovenere that Capitolare provides are two:

PALMARIA TREKKING: 2 hours, circular, low difficulty

The exploration of Palmaria Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offering the chance to experience the local flora and fauna in an almost entirely unspoiled setting;Everything starts from Portovenere by ferry (swimming to the island is not recommended 😊); the “crossing”, though that might not be the most appropriate term, takes just under 10 minutes, and meanwhile, you can enjoy a beautiful view of Porto Venere from the sea. From here begins the tour of the green island and all its secrets hidden from most, for a day dedicated to nature and exploration.

View of Palmaria from the top
Heart chaped island of Palmaria


PORTOVENERE TO CAMPIGLIA TREKKING, 4 hours, medium difficulty

The Portovenere-Campiglia trail, a path of rocks and vegetation that overlooks the open sea beyond the Portovenere channel for most of its length;The journey starts from Portovenere, skirting the ancient walls and then delving into the scrub. The vegetation initially shields the view, but after a few minutes, it reveals a path perched above the sea, amidst rocks and greenery.The climb leads to a small place called Campiglia, a focal point from which trails to the Cinque Terre branch out. For centuries, these trails were the only link between one village and another and between them and the hinterland.
Today, the network that extends for over 120 kilometers allows for the appreciation and exploration of the entire area, through paths of various types.One of the most scenic walks in Liguria!

View from the Campiglia trail
The view during the trail


  • Expert Guide
  • Historic and folkloristic anecdoted
  • Plenty of water
  • Focaccia to give you energy

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