Events at the Tower

Events at the Tower

Starting today, the Capitolare Tower is available for booking for your parties and surprise events. Thanks to our collaboration with GigaEvents® , you can have the tower set up with great class and sophistication.

We have thought of events like:

  1. Unforgettable romantic surprises
  2. Birthday celebrations
  3. Wedding anniversaries
  4. Marriage proposals

We think of everything for you, including decorations, buffet chefs, musicians, and any other wish you may have.

We have created different configurations to meet every need:


A romantic package themed in red, perfect for a truly unforgettable romantic surprise. It will be memorable.


And a package more suited for events with colors leaning towards beige. This package is of great elegance and is perfect for birthdays and marriage proposals.

Each package can be configured in 3 different levels of splendor:

Surprise for Couples:

€4,500In this configuration, we will focus on giving more prominence to the bedroom and terrace areas to give you a unique moment for two.


€10,000In this setup, we will decorate the entire tower with hundreds of flowers and prepare everything for an event that can host up to 30 people.

Grand Gala:

€14,500In this configuration, we will go all out. Nothing you have ever seen before comes close to what we will do. This is the ultimate setup to create something unique.

Contact us for information and to arrange a no-obligation appointment with our Event Planner

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