respect the past,
inspire the future

The mission and vision behind this magnificent project

Behind the vision of a young entrepreneur

Andrea Borlenghi is the founder and the owner of this amazing tower that stands in the ancient village of Porto Venere and has always protected it.

Built in 1161, for centuries it has been a bulwark for the defense of the city, and today it finally takes a well-deserved rest to welcome curious travelers from all over the world.

An old tower living in the middle of an active Ligurian village

The Capitolare Tower stands in the ancient village of Porto Venere and has always protected it.

After an in-depth conservative restoration, carried out using recycled materials and following the principle of eco-friendly architecture, the Capitolare team has returned the thousand-year-old tower to the community. In this new guise, along with the attentive and exclusive service and attention to detail, Capitolare stands as a true benchmark of luxury, excellence and uniqueness.

Innovative technology at the service of the most ancient history

The entire interior design of the suite was done by designer Federica Cristaudo. The recurring theme is the movement of the sea. You can find it in the colors, materials, shapes. The particularity of the intervention comes from the mixture of 3D Printing in synergy with the applied arts dating back to the twelfth century.

The attention to the search for new materials has led to the use of remains derived from shells and recycled material that, following a closed-loop production process, reduce its emissions to almost zero. In this particular case, the materials used are recycled polypropylene with 20% glass fiber reinforcement.